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Bridge Kit
Bridge Kit
Bridge Kit
Bridge Kit
Laally Bridge used to help new mother breastfeed successfully

Bridge Kit

Limited Availability

  • One (1) 23.8mm Bridge Unit
  • One (1) Re-Usable Syringe
  • One (1) 18" Extension Tube
  • One (1) Box
  • One (1) Instruction Pamphlet


The Bridge™ kit is the first easy-to-use, breastfeeding assistance system that helps babies latch to the breast and helps promote milk production.

  • Features & Benefits
  • Helps promote milk production
  • Provide extra stimulation from your baby
  • Helps with the latch
  • Easy to use & clean
  • Super thin medical grade silicone for improved sensation
  • Precise fluid control
  • Should be used within first 6 Months from shipment date

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Missy Clark
Absolutely amazing and simple

I nursed 2 biological children with a nipple shield so when I saw this for my adopted daughter I knew I needed this. I ordered the SNS and returned it unopened after trying this one first. It’s amazing. I’m already producing colostrum.

Susan Mayer

We will be testing them in the coming months.


I’m looking forward to using this product to get my baby back to breastfeeding. I’m having some supply issues and my lactation consultant suggested this product to supplement at the breast and so far it’s been a huge help.

Natalie McLaurin
Very easy to use but I wish it came in a bigger size

So easy to use, and they say its almost a 24mm but, it feels very small so its hard for baby to get my letdown

Jessica Wetherington
Worked really well

Although it was a little bulky, it really allowed me to continue breastfeeding after my baby became frustrated with flow. She was on a bottle early due to ties and this helped the flow become faster like a bottle.