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Laally Bridge for Healthcare Professionals

At Laally, we designed and developed a simple, yet effective breastfeeding assistance system that has a proven track record of enabling new moms to successfully breastfeed. See what other HCP's have to say about the Bridge.

What a difference it's made, it's just like night and day with our moms being able to breastfeed and supplement their babies at the breast.

Sharon L. - Post Partum Nurse

Are you looking to make the Bridge accessible to patients in your facility?

1. Discuss with management

Contact your team lead for procedures on how to introduce the Bridge. Use our PDF to explain benefits of using the Bridge.

2. Wholesale Rates

Reach out to team to see if you qualify for our wholesale rates.

3. Prepare your team

  • Use our videos to educate your team on the operations and uses of the Bridge
  • Print instructions on proper use of the Bridge for staff and patients 
  • Does your hospital use nipple shields? The Bridge can work as a nipple shield so it’s a direct replacement, except it also allows a mother to also supplement at the breast instead of via bottle 
  • Does your hospital carry EnFit syringes? Laally can ship units without syringes to lower costs 

4. User feedback and recommendation

Still deciding if using the Bridge is worth it? Need user feedback and recommendations? Please email us at – and we can introduce you to some practitioners who use our product regularly. 

We were founded in 2018 and have done our best to make a difference in this world by helping moms struggling with breastfeeding. As of October 2021, we have shipped over 3000 units and have received wonderful feedback from moms and healthcare professionals alike. 

Client Testimonial

Hello! I’m a NICU mom, and my baby was born premature at 31.6. He has a recessed chin and tongue tie and cannot take bottles. He does well breastfeeding with a nipple shield but was not gaining weight and needed supplementation. He was being supplemented through the NG tube until I found your products! I asked the NICU if I could try it, and they were on board! Now everyone here loves it and is very impressed. After one day of using the Laally my baby gained over an ounce!!! We are now finally able to go home thanks to the Laally, I can’t thank you enough!

Brittany - New Mom & Breastfeeding Counselor

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