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What Moms and Lactation Consultants are Saying

Laally designed and developed the Bridge as a simple tool that helps breastfeeding moms continue to breastfeed when the journey gets tough. Here is some feedback we received from moms and healthcare professionals alike. If you are struggling with breastfeeding, contact us to see if the Bridge is something that could work for you.

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This is a text from the mom this morning...she thought it was too late to breastfeed, Baby was DISCHARGED at 3lbs, 15oz. To Home. Never had latched. He latched yesterday for the first time using the Bridge. "Hi Lori, It's Kelly. Thanks so much for taking so much time with me and Thomas and giving us new hope :) ad a new way to connect <3"



"My patient loved The Bridge today. I can't wait to share with other patients. Bravo -excellent product!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Jen P.


"This is one of the coolest products for our parents or support people that latch a baby that neds a little extra help! Laally offers the ability to supplement baby at the breast, without pesky moving tubes! Check our their demo! For our parents that need to pump in hospitals and for #ibclc, check it out!"



"I am an LC and I have just ordered these and used with my last 3 patients. Love it! This is so much easier to use than an SNS or lactation aid. This is an amazing product and another tool for my toolkit that I think will save many breastfeeding relationships. Truly a fantastic product!"



"I just love the bridge!! The sweet mom who tried it first has found it easy to use. She's not producing very much at all but wanted to continue some breastfeeding. Lots of issues with both mom and baby. I've ordered and received two for my clinic in USA. We're going to keep them in clinic. Thank you for inventing this!!! I hope it is patented!! Take care!"