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At-Breast Supplementation

Who is it for, and what are the benefits?

Why You May Need to Supplement While Breastfeeding

Baby refuses or has difficulties to latch on to the breast due to:

Introduction of pacifiers and bottles

Nipple anatomy (flat/inverted nipples)

Delay in milk production or low milk supply due to:

• Type I diabetes

• Previous breast surgery (augmentation, reduction, cancer)

• Maternal age

• First birth

• Delivery by C-section

• Prolonged 2nd stage of labor

• Labor pain medication

• Exogenous oxytocin use

• Maternal obesity

• Supplementation within 48 hours post partum
• Nipple pain when breastfeeding

• Polycystic ovarian syndrome

• Premature delivery

• Retained placenta syndrome


Baby medical indication, such as:

Weight loss (>10%)

Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)


Long Term Supplementation:

• Chronic low supply issues due to any causes


• Non birthing parents

• Breast surgery (augmentation, reduction, reconstruction)

You’re not alone

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies are to be breastfed exclusively for the first 6 months. In America, only 1 out of 4 reach this goal.

Benefits of At-Breast Supplementation

Increases milk production
Skin to skin contact
Exchange of saliva with breast to promote milk production specific to the needs of the baby
Receiving fresh breastmilk directly from the breast as baby is feeding
Maternal benefits

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