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Bridge Kit
Bridge Kit
Bridge Kit
Bridge Kit
Laally Bridge used to help new mother breastfeed successfully

Bridge Kit

Limited Availability

  • One (1) 23.8mm Bridge Unit
  • One (1) Re-Usable Syringe
  • One (1) 18" Extension Tube
  • One (1) Box
  • One (1) Instruction Pamphlet


The Bridge™ kit is the first easy-to-use, breastfeeding assistance system that helps babies latch to the breast and helps promote milk production.

  • Features & Benefits
  • Helps promote milk production
  • Provide extra stimulation from your baby
  • Helps with the latch
  • Easy to use & clean
  • Super thin medical grade silicone for improved sensation
  • Precise fluid control
  • Should be used within first 6 Months from shipment date

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
What a fantastic tool!

Thank you, thank you for this tool. It has worked beautifully for two of my clients now, and allowed them to continue to feed baby at the breast and build their own supply as well. It’s easy to use, simple to clean, and a much better alternative to the contraptions I was previously cobbling together, or the SNS. Highly recommended!

Extremely useful

Really amazing SNS system. Easy to clean and use. The only problems I came across is that the nipple shield doesn't stay on as easy as other nipple shields I've used and the numbers on the syringe came off completely in 1 day but other than that I'm happy with it. I would buy it again and recommend it for sure.

Highly Recommend!

The Laally bridge system has given me hope that my son might be able to get back to the breast soon! It also feels good to have that snuggled bonding time at the breast and reassuring that he is getting the calories he needs. I’ve recommended this product to others already!

Bridge is quite helpful

The bridge is quite helpful. Much easier than trying to stick a small tube into the baby’s mouth with a regular SNS system. Sometimes slowly pushing the syringe can feel tedious in the moment, but ultimately it is helpful to provide the baby just enough supplement and maximize the output from the breast. Highly recommended!

Thank you!

Bridge got my 3mo breastfeeding after a 2 week long nursing strike. Still using it to due to milk under underproduction. Only reason for 4 stars is that the shield silicone does not stay in place well during feeds and the edges peel up, at times occluding my baby’s nostrils. This then requires repositioning and baby gets frustrated. As a mom I love this produce and as a pediatrician I plan to recommend it to patients. However I am worried about the safety issue of the shield occluding infant breathing as it peels up. Do you have any advice or tricks as to how to keep it sealed on the breast during feeds? Thank you for such a fantastic product.