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Helps Encourage Milk Production

More breast stimulation and emptying of the breast leads to increased milk volume

Helps Latch Baby to the Breast

Assists in overcoming issues caused by difficulty latching your baby to breast and breast refusal

Enables a Stronger Bond

Helps keep your baby skin-to-skin for prolonged periods of time


This is a text from the mom this morning...she thought it was too late to breastfeed, Baby was DISCHARGED at 3 lbs, 15 Oz. To home. Never had latched. He latched yesterday for the first time using the Bridge. 

"Hi Lori, It's Kelly. Thanks so much for taking so much time with me and Thomas and giving us new hope :) and a new way to connect <3"


"My patient loved The Bridge today. I can't wait to share with other patients. Bravo -excellent product!"

Donna K.

"This is one of the coolest products for our parents or support people that latch a baby that needs a little extra help! Laally offers the ability to supplement baby at the breast, without pesky moving tubes! Check out their demo! For our parents that need to pump in hospitals and for #ibclc, check it out!"

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Why do you need the Bridge™?


Insufficient milk production due to any causes from physical to biochemical

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Any physical or circumstantial causes for baby to not be able to latch directly to the nipple

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Any indication for which a practitioner suggests introduction of supplementation or formula

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Nipple sensitivity resulting in supplementation. You should work in conjunction with a lactation consultant if pain is not improving.

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Bridge™ Features

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